These girls are so lady like, so prim and proper; smart and sophisticated in the way they dress; to see them every day you wouldn't think butter would melt in their mouths. They sit neatly, their legs together, their blouses securely buttoned and you just have to imagine what delicious items of underwear those clothes are hiding, until..........that little devil gets the upper hand and then, well just have a look at these photos and drool over the lacy, sexy lingerie that lurks under those demure exteriors. (Put your pointer over the photo to your left to see what I mean.!


Perhaps the girl you were sitting next to on the train or served you coffee at lunch time is here letting you get turned on at the sight of her knickers on display or exciting you with her blouse gaping open letting you savour every stitch of her lacy bra.


They all live normal everyday lives that just occasionally get pushed to one side and then they can't stop themselves as they get turned on by giving you that thrill of seeing up their skirts and down their blouses


So now go and have a look at these girls. The first sets of Jessica and Natasha are FREE; or join the site and see all the series where they will leave no thread of their underwear hidden from your view. You can see all the elegant ladies together by clicking "The Ladies" button below.

Let them stand over you while you gaze up their long stocking clad legs and examine their suspenders in detail. Let them lean across your desk so that your view of their bra, down inside their blouse, is unrestricted; watch as they sit on the floor, pull their knees up and let you have a full view of their knickers or thongs....if they are wearing any!!



I was rated "QUALITY" and "ORIGINAL" erotica on Jane's Sex Guide, just look in the category pics amateur compilations dated 01/27/2003. Jane should be your first stop for porn and sexuality on the internet.




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